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Stephanie helps businesses, coaches & entrepreneurs grow their website traffic and their leads using proven content marketing strategies and effective SEO techniques. She has grown a global business from her home in Malta growing website traffic around the world including client work and coaching.


Main talking points include:

Including some of the main keywords in your Main Menu
Each keyword should have no more than 50 blogs on a single topic
Map keywords to the content you already have
  • If you have a page already, you can optimise this content already.
  • If you don’t you will need to create new content in a structured place on your website.
3 phases:
  • Top of funnel
  • Middle of funnel
  • Ready to buy
Provide a freebie at each phase of the funnel so you can monitor how the downloads are working based on your content
Using bots…
  • Automating communications to improve conversion
The regularity of content
  • Short and frequent (twice a week)
  • Long and less frequent (twice month)
Link to pages from within existing content
Structuring content
  • Sub titles are VERY important
    • The first few (two to three) need to include your keyword
  • Include keywords in links
Key tools for monitoring

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