046 – Moving from Freelancer to Business Owner

Robbie is the founder of RJH Digital – originally a freelance company, but now a full-service digital agency. almost 12 months after his previous appearance (in episode 007!), Robbie returns to the podcast to update us on how life and business are going…


Main talking points include:

Growing an agency
  • The journey is a change in mindset from “this is a freelance gig” to “this is an agency business”
    • From the “I” mentality, to the “we” mentality
  • Process
    • The Team
    • The Process
    • The Sales
    • The Finances
Where to make the investment in your team
  • What does your day look like and where do you spend your time?
    • A six week time study
“Don’t waste your energy on things you don’t need to”
“Freelancers won’t care about your business the way that employees do”
The vibe of the company lifts with employees.
Using a Business Coach: 
  • Helps with mindset
  • Helps with understanding
  • Helps with structure
  • Keeps you accountable
  • Helps with team culture
  • Keeps focussed on Business Growth
“Act more like a business owner and think more like a business owner.”
You need to be open for YOUR ROLE to change
  • Moving away from execution
  • Moving towards account management / strategy / personnel development
“Good managers manage themselves out of a job”

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