Jimmy is lazy. He likes automating things or creating processes so he can do less boring work. He helps business owners be more efficient so they can focus on the parts they actually like doing.


Main talking points include:

Why automate your processes?
  • Where to start and what to automate?
  • It can take a number of hours to start automating your processes.
  • The time saving
    • Which directly relates to the cost saving
Where to start:
What an automation is:
  • Start with a trigger
  • Then perform an action
Example – lead scoring
  • Check for companies that have more than 20
What to automate: 
  • Double handling of data
    • Eg Social Media
  • Back and forth email
    • Eg Bookings
    • Collecting Content
  • Anything tedious
    • Eg following up emails
  • Anything you have to do manually
    • Eg Roll up triggers in to a digest
    • Eg Mentions of your brand on twitter

Connect With Jimmy:

Website : click here
Podcast: click here
Youtube Channel: click here


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