076 – Knowing when to pivot your business

076 – Knowing when to pivot your business



Chris is a hopeless millenial (his words, not ours!). Careers never really agreed with him – he hopped around a bit, giving law a chance for a while, but he had itchy feet syndrome. Chris started limber to help more people lead a more varied worklife (including himself). If Chris could be anything, he’d be a tennis player / golfer / life coach – all he needs is some talent and a time machine.


Main talking points include:

Limber – invoicing and payroll tool for entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, freelancers and slashies – https://limber.work/

Having your reasons and finding your lightbulb moment. 

Starting Limber: The first product was a little different – focusing on hospitality. 

“Your ambition has to be big, but your execution needs to be narrow.” – Chris Sanderson

The product development process: 

  • Build quick
  • Iterate often
  • Refine as you go

If you’re building a business to prove you’re right means you will fail. All you have to do is to listen to your audience and serve the needs they have. 

What is a slashie?
Someone who decides to live by running two or more sources of income either by choice or through the consequence of their life choices. 

Limber takes all your income and pays it to you in a single payment with PAYE, holiday pay, pension contributions, etc all with a payslip, etc which helps you get loans, mortgages, etc just as if you were employed!



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