059 – Keeping Marketing and Business Simple


Roger helps people keep their marketing simple in a world where business bullshit and complexity threatens to stifle success.
An experienced marketing professional helping businesses with their marketing strategy, content, and social media, Roger clocked up many years in the ‘big corporate’ world as marketing director of several UK financial services brands before getting out of all that and starting his own consultancy.
He now uses his expertise to guide his clients in designing engaging campaigns and is known as a prolific content creator and podcaster, and as a speaker. He’s the host of the popular Marketing and Finance Podcast.
As a qualified yoga and exercise teacher, Roger has also been known to ask his clients to take off their ties and put on their trainers, taking their fitness, as well as their marketing, to the next level.


Main talking points include:

In a small business, you have the ability to be nimble. The bigger a business gets, the hard it is for a person to be unique and the more red tape there is. The further away you get away from the customer.
Starting the entrepreneurial journey
You need to start with a plan!
  • Either leverage your existing network or profile
  • Or… start to think about exactly who your target customer needs to be
Start with your “Customer”
Marketing is so much more than just communications. Marketing is:
  • Understanding your customer
  • Finding out their problems
  • Creating a product or service to address that problem
  • Market that product / offer to your chosen market
Keeping Marketing Simple
With all the shiny toys, its easy to get hooked on the tactical delivery of your “marketing” – but starting with a strategy keeps things simple.
Strategy is a word that scares people.
The concept of strategy is sound:
  • Have your offer
  • Have a goal
With these two, you can start putting the communications together.
Goals are essential – and they need to be aligned to your offer.
Having someone to keep you accountable to your goals.
Traditional marketing was far more interruptive marketing. “New” marketing is far more education through content marketing.

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Twitter: @roger_edwards


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