034 – Introducing SplitHero

034 – Introducing SplitHero

Agency owner and digital entrepreneur, Adam Lacey, is on the brink of launching a new SAAS product designed to make split testing (or A/B Testing) an easy and effective process for agencies, freelancers and even businesses themselves.

In this episode, Adam discusses the launch of SplitHero and their founding member offer that he is releasing, along with part of his journey and also the importance of split testing within the marketing process.


Main talking points include:

  • Why launch a SAAS product
  • The importance of A/B / Split Testing
  • What SplitHero does and why it is so easy
  • How split testing helps marketers demonstrate value
  • Who SplitHero is for and how it can benefit them
  • Founding member pricing and offer


Connect With Adam:

Social: @SplitHero

Website: splithero.com


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