053 – Integrating processes to life as well as to business



Jessica is the founder of Super Mum Society, a motherhood empowerment brand, with the sole aim of helping mums realise that they truly are super and that their superpowers are based on being themselves.

She is a professional speaker, who has appeared for big names such as The Inspiring Success Club and Marks & Spencers. Jessica also runs a YouTube channel on self-development for mums, a podcast called Motherhood Motivation, is a time management expert and has been a successful professional in health & fitness, hospitality and event planning industries.


Main talking points include:

Launching the first paid product – not a high ticket item that can always been used as a freebie if needed.

Jessica had to face the realisation that she probably wasn’t going to be a Mum, yet it was something she desperately wanted. She came to terms with the fact that she may not be able to do this without adoption, but then the miracle happened and she fell pregnant. Having planned this journey for 15 years, Jessica had a plan on how motherhood was going to work. She therefore applied everything she had learnt in business to parts of her life and the planning of their home for family life.

The Super Mum Society fills the void in giving Mums a place to go and to share these tips that Jessica has developed over time.

Planning your time and your business:

  • Beginning with the end in mind
  • Finding out what you WANT to do, and then put them into order
  • Thinking about how pieces of your business go together
  • Have a rhythm to how you review your plan
  • Don’t spend your time on things you don’t need to.
  • Two things your planner MUST include:
    • Self care
    • Time for planning

Motto: ‘Know thyself’

Applying systems to your life: 

  • Start with trying something small, and then scale it up
  • Only apply processes that you are all prepared to adopt yourself
  • Ask yourself the question: “Why is this taking so much time?”


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