025 – In Person Networking

025 – In Person Networking


In this episode, we meet agency owner and all-round nice guy, Kyle Van Deusen of OGAL Web Design.

Kyle and I discuss the benefits of networking in person and talk about some of the tips, practical advice and headaches that we wish we’d been told before we went to our first meeting.


Main talking points include:

  • The goal of going to a networking meeting isn’t to win business.
  • The goal of networking in person is to get people to:
    • Know you
    • Like you
    • Trust you
  • The power of networking for your business is in referrals. And you may need to make referrals FIRST before others refer to you.
  • Different structures of networking meetings
    • BNI
    • Private Groups
    • Chambers of Commerce
    • Free vs Paid
    • Breakfast 🙂
  • Identifying others who may be new – start with them!


Connect with Kyle:

Websites: ogalweb.com / theadminbar.com

Facebook: The Admin Bar


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