Main talking points include:

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#1 – look inwards – "What do YOU want?"
  • What type of lifestyle do you want?
  • What interests you?
  • How much money do you want to make?
  • Do you want to be in a location?
  • Do you want staff?
  • How will it serve you?
#2 – where can I make a difference?
  • What is your skill set, and how can that commercial impact on businesses?
#3 – do any of my points above line up?
  • If no, what industries are cash rich?
    • Legal
    • Jewellery
    • Financial Services
    • Events
    • (Industries that are used to spending money to make money)
#4 – create my proposition (and my product / service)
  • How can I help you, and why thats a benefit to you
  • How we work together over time (recurring and non-recurring options)
  • Do this to MVP level
#5 – network
  • Content creation, SEO, email funnels are all good, but they're not fast
  • Meeting people face-to-face IS fast
  • Be clear about what you do (and do NOT) do
#6 - make sales
  • So far, everything is just theory – an idea doesn't work until someone buys it.
  • With 5 customers I can start to make improvements
  • With 10 customers I can start to make processes
  • With 20 customers I can start to delegate (if I want)
  • Do something towards making a sale EVERY DAY.
#7 - review, refine, rescope, repeat
  • When it feels right
  • Does it deliver?
  • Does it work for me?
  • Does it work for them?
  • Is my price right?
  • Can I be more efficient?
  • How do I serve more people?
  • When do I review again? <- This is my target
#8 - keep an eye on company value
  • Will I EVER want to sell it?
  • If so, this needs to operate away from me – always keep that in mind


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