061 – How to put on a Live Event for Your Niche


Founder of Angled Crown, the Agency Trailblazer Podcast and Agency Transformation Live – Lee Jackson – talks us through the process he underwent to deliver a successful live event for agency owners from around the world.


Main talking points include:

The 5 stages of transforming your business

  • Identity
  • Value
  • Platform
  • Output
  • Future


Why you should put on a live event… 

There are some things that you just CAN’T do online. Live events help you:

  • Meet new clients
  • Find suppliers
  • Make plans

Live events also MAKE people invest in their business


“Feel the fear and do it anyway”


“Be seen to sell”


Releasing the event: 

  • Having the plan on the content and structure
  • Announcing it to the audience
  • Further growing to your audience:
    • Month 1: build the audience through Facebook retargeting
      • Growing your pixels and custom audiences
    • Month 2: tell people the content of ATL
      • Messaging tailored around the audience pixels that you’ve grown
    • Month 3: the countdown for the event
      • Targeting natively and through the pixels
  • Using magazines to find your audience


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