074 – How I Would Start Again (If I Had To…)


Main talking points include:

Paul Jarvis – A Company of One

Don’t ask the questions “what would you do differently?”, instead ask the question “How would you begin again?”


  • A great thing
  • A curse


The truth is this: 

  • You can’t change the past, so don’t wish you had
  • You CAN shape the future – and this works best if you have a picture, vision or goal that you are aiming for.


So what is my vision? (Don’t worry about being selfish with this!)

  • Mortgage-free by the time I’m 41
  • Retire between 50 and 55 from “Everyday business”
  • Get to a place where my wife doesn’t have to work
  • Either live or have a holiday home by the sea (and have the freedom to operate from either place)
  • Drive a nice car (I’m a petrol head)
  • Make lifelong memories for my children
  • Be in a position where money isn’t an issue

What am I going to do to get there? 


Starting again…

IF I was to start again I’d: 

  1. Identify my most marketable skill – web development / SEO
  2. Identify how I can demonstrate the MOST VALUE to my new customers as fast as possible – demonstrate an ROI -> increase enquiry rates
  3. Identify a niche (or niches) who experience this problem and where I can offer the quickest return – B2B owner/manager businesses
  4. Validate the idea by offering to work for 3 clients for free…
  5. Identify the process to doing this in the smallest amount of steps:

    • SEO Healthcheck
    • User experience on the website
    • Landing pages / bounce rates / etc
  6. Put a reporting metric in place so that the evidence is clear
  7. Productise this and optimise my website for the terms, questions and results from the three free clients
  8. Put a marketing strategy in place

    • Outreach
    • Social media
    • Podcasts
    • PPC?
  9. Identify levels 2 and 3 of additional services I could offer
  10. Review my own results and pipeline
  11. Refine my processes, price, client base (niches)
  12. Repeat steps 3 – 11…



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