019 – Helping People Solve Problems


This episode features serial entrepreneur, author, podcaster and general “good gal” Alexia Leachman.

Alexia and I go on a journey through Alexia’s own career, and then end up in a personal branding / business masterclass.

As an experienced marketeer, Alexia got to the point like a lot of us that she just wanted to do something for herself – she talks about how she initially became a branding consultant, and then a personal branding consultant, and then through a series of events in her life, became an author, podcaster and community owner.

We then go on to discuss how any entrepreneurial journey starts by identifying your skills, passions and beliefs, and then finding a group of people who you can help – and this could be from anywhere!


Talking Points:

  • Introduction of Alexia and her background
  • Her current business, upcoming book, her community and her consulting
  • The process of setting up a personal brand and what that brand might “do”


Connect With Alixia

Website: alexialeachman.comheadtrash.co.uk

Twitter: @AlexiaL


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