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May King Tsang is a FOMO Creator and Social Media Correspondent. Her role is to Live Tweet, and broadcast live on Facebook and Instagram all from her smartphone!

She’s been Live Tweeting professionally for many years helping conferences, fesTEAvals and workshops trend with their hashtags in Australia and the UK.

She also trains and mentors Social Media Managers to produce the right content for their clients, and produces Social Media Review and StraTEAgy reports for business owners across the major Social Media platforms.

You’ll mainly find her tweeting at @maykingtea.


Main talking points include:

  • Always THE place for breaking news
    • National / International
    • In your niche / industry
  • It’s in the moment, it is live
  • Twitter’s algorithm has tools that allow you to find extra exposure for your tweets
  • Its where the journalists hangout
  • You need to work strategically
May King’s story: 
Moved to Oz in 2010 with her husband. They divorced in 2012 which lead to an immigration issue.
Final settlement came in 2016 – which lead to her to a place of depression and low self-esteem. In 2016 May King came back to the UK and had to rebuild her life and business.
This became an opportunity to become more strategic and more focussed on her business, her marketing and her business development. This lead to working with Google in 2017.
In Australia, May King had been a people pleaser, whereas coming back to the UK, she understood that she was going to have work really hard to change this to have more focus.
Marketing through social media
Business owners need to be in more than one place, maybe even three networks.
Start engagement by being complimentary
Using Hashtags for tweets and searches
Repurposing content (especially video) is happening more and more regularly and is becoming far more accepted.


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Lucy Hall / Social Day

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