044 – Finding Your Purpose


Mike wants to get sales training into the hands of every child and school in the world. He believes confident people don’t make stupid decisions, and they’re confident if they can sell. He’s the world’s #1 sales coach for funnel builders and the author of From Single To Scale.

In this episode, we talk about how entrepreneurship is MORE than just making a living – it’s about finding your PURPOSE.


Main talking points include:

Sales training to be on schools curriculum
  • Build yourself out of poverty
Sales is about serving an audience.
Funnels have nothing to do with the systems or tools. It’s about reaching people who don’t know who you are.
How funnels work:
  • People need to find me
  • Become a subscriber
  • Become a lead
  • Become a customer
The sale is just the end of the beginning
The FIRST marketing campaign you should build for EVERY new client is to their CURRENT customer base.
“It’s often not a marketing problem, but a PROCESS problem” – Mike Killen
Selling Funnels:
– addresses the set and forget mentality.
– is VERY lucrative
– more scaleable income

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