069 – Finding a work / life balance that works for you


Founder of Angled Crown, the Agency Trailblazer Podcast and Agency Transformation Live – Lee Jackson talks about the process he underwent to create a business that works FOR him, so he can be with his family when they NEED him.


Main talking points include:

  • Understanding what you WANT so that you can make your work fit around your life, not vice versa.
  • Defining what success looks like for you, and then working back from there to make decisions
  • Life is too short – what quality of life are you modeling to your family?
  • Making small decisions that have a big impact
    • Set working hours
    • Travel with your family
    • Creating Processes
    • Focusing on work being done, not working all day
    • Increasing prices to reflect the value of your time
    • Bring that ethos to your staff and sales
    • Be nimble with overheads
    • Stop comparing yourself to other people
  • These changes take time – be prepared to work HARDER for a short time to achieve the work / life balance you desire


Lee’s Podcast Episode – You are not a failure


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