Main talking points include:

  • Why having a distribution protocol is a good idea:
    • Just generating content and hoping for the best isn't a great strategy
    • Helps fill the gap between content publication and indexing in the SERPs
    • It is easier to plan in advance if you do it when you're creating the content
  • What is a content distribution protocol?
    • A regular method or schedule of activity to boost initial traffic to a new piece of content
  • What are the benefits of a content distribution protocol
    • It drives traffic quickly
    • It is easy to set up and automate
    • It means there is some traffic data already associated with the content when Google indexes it
  • What might a content distribution protocol look like?
  • The major rule of engagement:
    • Never Share the Same Message Twice!
  • Some content post ideas...
    • Straight and Easy: Post Title + Link
    • The Question: Ask an engaging question to stir conversation
    • Cite a Fact: Share a fact or figure that is included in your post
    • Share a Quote: Grab a pull-quote from your article and turn it into a social message
    • Add Intrigue: Write a teaser message that grabs the attention of your readers


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