041 – Determining Your Success


Bob is a digital agency owner who has been on a journey through the scaling process and has experienced the successes and the challenges of running a full-service agency. Bob and his team have now moved on to specialise in digital marketing, and have restructured their offer accordingly. Bob also helps digital agency owners and solopreneurs build a business based around their own success.


Main talking points include:

Making success in the DM space comes down to:
  • Specialisation
    • In skill set
    • In a vertical market
      • Bob’s Market – Business owners who want to be at the front of their business and courageous in their marketing
        • Amplify Me!
“Success is a moving target”
Russell Brunson – books – Expert Secrets
Finding your audience:
  • 1/3 won’t like you
  • 1/3 won’t notice you
  • 1/3 will love you

Connect With Bob:

Reflections on Youpreneur – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwLJ3nAIr5g


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