Main talking points include:

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Most common reasons why  projects go wrong:
  • Scope Creep
  • Misaligned Expectations
  • Misaligned Budget
  • Inaccurate or insufficient discovery
  • Even long term retainers have a life span
The importance of thinking how to get out of something, before you get into it...
The difference between quotes and estimates...
For Projects:
  • Have a specification linked to the estimate – reserve the right to change the quote if the specification changes
  • Be clear where the intellectual property lies at different stages of the project
  • Have a termination process from BOTH sides in your Contract / Agreement:
    • If the client terminates the project
    • If you terminate the project
  • Have the payment schedule linked to stages YOU control
  • Have a documented process for packaging up files, sending them to the client and offboarding the client from your systems
For Retainers:
  • Have a termination process outlined in your Contract / Agreement
  • Include a notice period – and detail from both sides
  • Detail how and when final payments will be expected and what they will cover
  • Have a documented process for completing work, sending data to the client and offboarding the client from your systems


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