065 – Breaking catch 22s in your business

065 – Breaking catch 22s in your business



Andrew and Pete are the fun business duo who help small business owners scale their business so they can stop swapping time for money. They have a weekly YouTube show and run one of the UK’s leading marketing membership community, called ATOMIC. Winners of the ‘Digital and Social Media Company of the Year Award’, and also ‘Business Personality of the Year Award’.

As the authors of two-hit books, ‘The Hippo Campus‘ and ‘Content Mavericks‘ they regularly keynote international conferences such as Social Media Marketing World and have been featured on sites such as Inc., Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, Convince and Convert, Entrepreneur on Fire and Kim Garst. They are ranked in the top 100 digital marketers in the world and host one of Europe’s largest small business growth conferences, ATOMICON happening in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. You can find out more about them at: www.andrewandpete.com


Main talking points include:

Andrew and Pete run a business that helps businesses scale… 

  • Atomic – membership
  • Atomicon – Annual event
  • Books

Scaling by productising on the one-to-many services


“Don’t try to do everything because you end up doing everything averagely”


Get strategic about what makes you the most money…

  • If you don’t have a big audience, trying to produce a course is missing the point

Theres a problem with the hustle mentality – it never stops! 

If you’re not charging your clients enough, then you don’t have the time to build the rest of your business… 


The catch 22

You don’t have time to market

You can’t afford to outsource

You can’t fire a client because you haven’t got time to market

The things that have the biggest impact in our business are often the “scariest” to do…

The solution: find the fear and follow it…


Breaking the catch 22

  1. Get some encouragement – you can do this…

    • This is why communities are so important to business owners
    • Encouragement can come from demand – if you can prove the demand, then you can have confidence in the delivery
  2. Consequence forecasting – look at all the unknowns and plan out the possible routes through them.
  3. Do a proof of concept test

Taking the emotion out of the decisions, instead, look at the facts and make a decision on that too…


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