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Philip VanDusen is a highly accomplished creative leader and expert in brand strategy and graphic design for some of the world’s most successful global agencies, retailers and consumer products companies, including P&G, Gap, Inc., Petsmart, PepsiCo, GE, Chevron, Safeway, Delmonte, Diamond Foods, and Johnson & Johnson among many others.

Philip has helped Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurs alike create and revitalize brands, identities, websites and launch new products for 20+ years. He has served as VP of Design of Global Snacks at Pepsico, VP of Design at Old Navy and Executive Creative Director for the global branding agencies Landor Associates and Anthem Worldwide. Philip is currently the founder and principal of Verhaal Brand Design which specializes in strategic brand development, graphic design and marketing.


Main talking points include:

The importance of support and networking in the entrepreneurial journey. 

Offering your services to the entrepreneurial community:

  • Becoming an expert
  • Giving value without EXPECTING return

This sets the premise of content marketing – giving value to the world… This helps you build a brand in your niche.

Building a content library takes time

Branding for the personal brand

  • Branding is branding – it’s just a question of scale.
  • The three Rs
    • Recognised
    • Remembered
    • Revered

Recognition and remembrance come through consistency, colour, placement, iconography, etc… The visual components need to be consistent. Not doing this is simply limit the effectiveness of everything you do so far.

How content marketing vets your leads and enquiries

Starting out with your own branding as you start your business.

Smaller agencies are starting to pick up the work from the big brands by the smaller, faster and cheaper smaller and virtual agencies.

The rise of the consultant and the global digital economy has had a remarkable effect in the marketing industry.

  • Making your online presence robust

“Prepare to suck”

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