048 – Becoming a Content Creator

Kim is an online entrepreneur and content marketing specialist. Having pivoted and moved her business around a number of ideas (discussed in the podcast!), Kim discusses how she has now moved to the point of creating a physical product and how she uses her understanding of content marketing not only to inform the product itself but also to sell it to a global audience.


Main talking points include:

“Success is not the destination but the quality of the journey”
Mastering the craft
  • Just show up
  • It may be crickets when you start – but you start to learn what DOESN’T work…
Content Creators Planner
A content creators planner based around your business goals
  • Structures content
    • Calls to action
    • End goals
Content strategy plan that breaks down monthly and then weekly
Content marketing is simply marketing – it’s all intertwined now.
Using funnels
Combining paid traffic with organic traffic is how you scale your business.

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