Main talking points include:

Where to start for a client that has NO SEO budget.
Here's the formula:
  1. Write about your main product or service in full from start to finish.
    1. Make sure you have sub-sections to your content (ideally 6-8 sections)
    2. Don't go into granular depth in any of your sub-sections
    3. Make sure this has the main title in the URL, meta title and description
    4. Ideally 2000-3000 words
  2. For each of your sub-sections, write another blog post – this time going into FULL detail about each section, and writing it in the words you would explain it to a customer.
    1. At least 1000 words, but these can be as long as you like.
    2. Include internal links (at least two, no more than four) back to the main service page you wrote in point 1 on the keyword you optimised for in point 1.
    3. Go and update that service page with links back to your topic posts, again linking on keywords
  3. Make sure every page has a mechanism for people to enquire, get in touch, sign up or buy
  4. Share each post/page on social media – you can share more than once on some social platforms too!
  5. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each service you run – starting with the most profitable, then working your way down.


Book – They Ask You Answer – Marcus Sheridan


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