Main talking points include:

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Understanding Customer Experience in a Digital Agency Context:

Explanation of customer experience (CX) and why it's important in the digital agency business. This includes marketing to new clients, servicing clients professionally and retaining / maintaining a lasting relationship with them.

The Five Strategies to Improve CX and Client Retention:

Strategy 1: Improve Communication
  1. Clear and regular communication is vital for any effective relationship
  2. Practical tips to enhance communication with clients today
Strategy 2: Deliver On Promises
  1. Always on promises and meet client expectations – this is not negotiable
  2. Share tips on how to ensure consistency in delivery
Strategy 3: Don't confuse clients (aka Simplify Technical Jargon)
  1. Explain why simplifying technical jargon is essential for better CX
  2. Offer tips on how to simplify complex digital terms and concepts
Strategy 4: Regular Client Feedback
  1. Discuss the importance of client feedback
  2. Practical tips for setting up a feedback system
Strategy 5: Stay in touch!
  1. Just because a client isn't on a retainer with doesn't mean they won't ever need your services again. Find ways to stay in touch with your past clients to remain top of mind and provide the easy opportunities to work together again.
  2. Share strategies for tailoring your approach to individual clients


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