022 – Launching and Marketing a Product


In this episode, we meet consultant product launch manager Tyler Bream. Tyler deep dives into the process for launching a product and the priorities to consider when you’re trying to sell something online.


Main talking points include:

  1. A damage assessment
    1.  The marketing doesn’t fit the product
    2.  The process is broken
    3.  Bad copywriting / difficult conversion process
  2. Follow a product launch process
    • Develop some high-level teaching content to generate trust with your list (the pre-pre-launch)
    • Different types of launches:
      • Email Launch
      • Webinar Launch
      • Video Launch
  3. Roll out the product
  4. People dream about what they don’t have – you don’t sell the product, you sell the benefit.
  5. EMail is where it’s at – because it converts 10x better than social media… Simple!
    • Although its harder to start a conversation this way, it’s more profitable
  6. When you announce your product you don’t need to sell it straight away…


Connect with Tyler:

Website: tylerbream.com


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