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Seasoned professional turned consultant, or a “fresh round the gills” marketing executive in a small, medium or large size business, we all face the same challenges – how to demonstrate our value to our employer / clients.

I started my personal website and blog to help you demonstrate your worth, so that you can see the results firsthand – both for you and for the clients / employers you serve.

You'll find lots of free resources, upcoming podcasts and courses, and inspiring and educational interviews with successful marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs from around the globe to challenge your thinking and affirm your intent.

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I've worked for more than a decade "in" and "on" marketing agencies in the UK and around the world, and I've learned that all marketing professionals essentially have the same two problems – demonstrating results and keeping momentum.

From business owner / managers who employ an individual marketing consultant to "take care" of their marketing efforts to multinational technology companies who have a whole team of marketing professionals employed within, the core make up is the same. Marketers are people.

People who are often great at marketing a product or service for someone else but not so great at marketing themselves. And those who have taken the leap into consultancy often don't have the skills required to build and run a successful business, leaving them far from the lifestyle they desire.

The truth is – people do business with people, and without marketing, business is limited to a VERY small network of acquaintances.

As a web developer, I ran a successful freelance agency for a number of years and then moved to a leading ecommerce agency in the UK. As their head of digital marketing – focussing on creatively delivering technical solutions to demonstrate marketing results. I recognized the role of creativity in business and that continues to inspire me to think outside the box.

I am now the co-owner of a relatively young digital agency, SO..., that incorporates strategic, creative thinking to help our clients succeed. My work with marketing professionals has been a cornerstone of my experience,  and I wanted to give something back to those who have taught me so much over the years.

I hope the resources you find here challenge your thinking, affirm your intent, and empower you to succeed.

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